StorageWrite is updating every table except 1


So I have a table that is not being updated and the StorageWrite isnt erroring either.

The weird thing is that if the table doesnt exist, it writes the correct value, if it exists it doesnt update.

I am testing updating it with sql and it works and write the correct value.

I cannot reproduce this issue, the value is updated correctly on subsequent writes.

We do have a special version field that if set to "*" will only allow the object to be written if it does not exist, but this is not used in your snippet.

Could you please put together a complete InitModule example that would reproduce the error?

This full snippet (no matter what the json value is) doesnt write to the table.

I had it bunched up with other storagewrites before, isolated it and still the same, only thing fixing it is using sql.

Can you please share a full example in code that we can run to test this? We’ve not encountered this issue before.