Storage vs Database, the difference?

Is there a difference between the Storage and the Database? I cannot seem to understand the difference between the Storage and the DB, from the docs A user can write one or more objects which will be stored in the database server , that means that the Storage is basically just stored in the DB in a different table? I am asking because I want to update the users really often while they’re playing the game (every time they buy something, every couple of minutes and such). How should I approach these frequent updates? I would usually fetch the user from storage and get them into the DB but it seems that’s already the case.

Storage is one table within the database, that is written to and read from using the storage engine. The database itself contains a number of different tables though, as displayed in the image below.

The storage engine is where you would want to manage data for your inventory or something like that, although it’s associated with a key for the user, so you need to use the UserID to fetch inventory items for that particular user in Storage