Session token transferable between vm's behind load balancer

We have two droplets running nakama 3.10 configured exactly the same, with the same configs and keys. We’re finding our unity mobile client runs fine when pointed specifically the the public ip’s of the droplets, but when using our load balancer, it seems when the destination changes for the same client session, it fails. Should the session token be authenticated for each server or will this not work?

N.B. We still have very few users and are just testing horizontal scaling - we don’t have the budget for nakama cloud services yet.


There are many things that can affect deployments; We can’t help with custom deployments because we don’t have access to the infrastructure. We’ve personally never seen this before; I’d firstly start with upgrading Nakama first and seeing if the problem persists.

It is happening the same to me. Did you find a solution?