Register MatchMake Hook error

Hi I’m using Nakama server side code. For registerMatch Hook

initializer.registerMatch(‘lobby’, {

And it showing Exit code 1
When running nakama server.

Hey @Looper,

You’re missing the MatchSignal function in the hooks, it was introduced in Nakama v3.8.0, the body of the function can just return the state, see an example here.

Yes I’m added it…

And Definition is here…

But the error while compiling is…

I think your TS definitions are outdated, please update them from

How to Install this nakama common to nakama server. Copy the files, Is it right?

If you’re looking to install the TypeScript definitions you should use
npm i ''. If you want to update them npm update nakama-runtime should work.

Hope this helps.

I do as you said But Error remains same.

npx tsc - Compile error (Typescript)

Try deleting the node-modules folder, as well as the package.json and package-lock.json files and try npm i ' again, then retry to recompile please and let me know if that worked.

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Thanks Worked!!
But Help in this