Quickly and easily find players in proximity


I am wondering how to implement a feature to easily and quickly find players in proximity / local network somehow.

I see options:

  • Player click “find friends around” → Bluetooth broadcast, tries to find people (people may not like an app that uses Bluetooth)
  • Player click “find friends around” → ARP or something (client-side then)
  • Player click “find friends around” → RPC to Nakama that add this player to a stream, the player position is then shared using geolocation (need permission …),
  • Player click “find friends around” → Many games seem to use the simple solution: share some code but it’s really not ergonomic IMO.
  • Anything else?

Maybe it could be a feature in Nakama (client?)?

@louis030195 These are all good ideas but I don’t think they’re in scope as part of the SDK for a game server. Why do you think this would be useful in Nakama rather than as a separate library?