Potential error in the Unity documentation for Collections


Just wanted to report an error on the Collections page in the documentation.

For Unity/.NET this is the example given for reading a Storage object:

var result = await client.ReadStorageObjectsAsync(session, new StorageObjectId {
    Collection = "saves",
    Key = "savegame",
    UserId = session.UserId

Console.WriteLine("Read objects: [{0}]", string.Join(",\n  ", result.Objects));

But the latest version of the SDK doesn’t have a constructor for ReadStorageObjectsAsync which takes a single IApiReadStorageObjectId.

So it’s either an error in the documentation, or an oversight in the actual SDK. I believe there should be an option in the SDK to READ just one object instead of having to create an IEnumerable of IApiReadStorageObjectId with a single object every time you only want to read one.

This is actually the case for DeleteStorageObjectsAsync and WriteStorageObjectsAsync as well!


Thanks for reporting the issue @Antviss. I can confirm that the documentation is indeed incorrect and those functions do take an array. We will get this fixed in our documentation ASAP.