nk.streamUserList call issue

Hi. I have issue when calling nk.streamUserList function from server. I call nk.streamUserJoin with required params. Then calling nk.streamUserList and it return 0 (but nk.streamCount return 1). When second user connected to same stream - users list length still 0 but count is 2. Client socket connected with createStatus = true

I using:
Nakama Typescript with rollup bundler
Docker: heroiclabs/nakama:3.10.0 (3.9.0 have same issue)
Client: @heroiclabs/nakama-js: 2.3.0

Thanks for fix, will wait new release build

In case someone looks for this in the future, the commit that will address the issue can be found here (c773c24). The commit will be included in the next release.