Nakama says "fatal" but it's still running

When I was working on running CockroachDB in secure mode nakama gave me this error

nakama        | {"level":"fatal","ts":"2020-11-06T14:27:45.072Z","caller":"migrate/migrate.go:147","msg":"Error pinging database","error":"dial tcp connect: connection refused"}

but it never stopped running, and my game is able to connect to the server just fine?
Can someone tell me what this means, or am I just able to ignore it?

@SirBuildsALot You’re able to ignore it. What happens is that the server and database containers start and if the game server starts first it will attempt to connect to the database which is not ready to receive connections yet. This will cause the game server to indicate the “connection refused” error above. Then the container will restart to try again and unless there’s a separate problem then it will succeed in connecting because the database server will be ready by then.

Oh okay, thanks for the info.