Nakama In-app Purchase Validation


I am building an in-app purchasing system for an upcoming project and I am looking for some clarification on some Nakama systems. I came across this documentation. However it has left me a little confused, the two code examples look like they would be called using a client library however I cannot find any examples other than this file. I have also seen this post, but when looking at the Lua RPC code it doesn’t seem to match the functionality detailed in the aforementioned documentation. Is the documentation incorrect or am I just very blind? (Which is likely :smile:)

Thank you!

That documentation page you linked is a draft in the docs source repo, it’s not deployed and shouldn’t be used as a reference for current Nakama features. You should browse the deployed docs instead.

You can use the sample IAP verifier Lua modules instead: iap_verifier.lua and iap_verifier_rpc.lua. You can see in the function reference comments in iap_verifier_rpc.lua exactly how clients are expected to call these functions - it’s as simple as calling the iap.apple_verify_payment RPC (or Google equivalent, whichever you need to use) with the appropriate payload.

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Gotcha, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t reimplementing anything unnecessarily, Thank you.