Nakama and hamachi work together?

Can i use hamachi to make my nakama server available to my friends so we can play together?

This is the setup:

->Nakama running inside virtualbox.
->VirtualBox forwards the appropriate ports to localhost (
->Me and my friend are on the same hamachi network ( already checked that a local express server works and they can see it).
->They should use my hamachi ipv4 to make a request to nakama (look at the developer console for example, just for testing or even later on sign up, log in, enter charooms, multi-player and so on).

I tried setting this up but, it… Just doesnt work?
I am now wondering if this is even possible. Am i missing anything here? I bet that the reason is obvious to why i shouldnt be doing this or even why its not working. I tought that if a service is available to me on localhost it should be forwarded to the hamachi thing and… Just work? Im so confused!

Hi @pookiecookiie welcome :wave:

I don’t know much about Hamachi. I’m not a Windows user but in general this is not how the game server is intended to be used. I’d suggest you run the game server from server hardware in the cloud instead of expose it over the internet from your local workstation. We have a short guide for Digital Ocean which will help you get started:

Alternatively if you really need to expose your local machine with Nakama running on it; maybe to test the game project on a mobile device or similar have a look at ngrok.

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@novabyte, I wanted to host the server from my local machine and expose it to my friend to be able to connect to it just for development purposes. Btw, Ngrok worked great! (still a bit weird that hamachi didnt work tho, probably something i missed). thank you for your reply c: