Message and data management with schedule

As per the title, I am wondering how to achieve some essential functions within Nakama for mobile online games.

How can I achieve the result like this: [0:38-2:13], where it writes a message in cloud and the client receives it and displays it on screen.
Furthermore, when the client receives the message, it may bring along some additional bonuses/rewards which would also be coded in cloud…

How can I achieve a result like this: [3:40-4:51], that uses json as data file format and upload to cloud to configure any data within the game.

And how to schedule these functions within periods of time and otherwise can be able to instantly execute these functions.

All function should be managed in cloud.

Will it be possible to achieve with lua only?Will nakama publish these useful function in the future?

Thank you.

@john What you want can be achieved with a combination of and

In general I recommend skimming through the docs at a high level so you get familiar with the platform, and then reading deeper into the features you want.

Thank you for your answering.

After reading the doc. I understand that can be develop the function I want when it at local develop environment.
What if I want to continuously update new message and json to the game after I have publish apk to android or ios in mobile without update apk everytime?Since sometime will be maybe a hotfix or maybe some minor data change, in game mail etc.
Can you give some more explanation?Thank you.