LUA file error

I was trying to get an ikemen game to work, and it was until I went to choose my character then I got the error message:
.\external\script\start.lua:1137: attempt to call a non-function object
stack traceback:
.\external\script\start.lua:1137: in function ‘f_playWave’
.\external\script\start.lua:2602: in function ‘f_selectMenu’
.\external\script\start.lua:2067: in function ‘f_selectScreen’
.\external\script\start.lua:1420: in function ‘f’
external/script/main.lua:3062: in function ‘loop’
external/script/main.lua:3148: in function ‘loop’
external/script/main.lua:4149: in main chunk
[G]: ?
I don’t know what this means, but I was hoping someone else did, if anyone does, let me know, I’ll email it to you in case you know how to fix it (I don’t know a thing about code :confused:)

Hello @oostaro,

Could you share some code snippets to allows us to reproduce the issue? And what version of Nakama are you running?

Additionally, please take a look at the restriction page of the Lua Runtime