JS Runtime environment not showing up

I have made a simple js runtime using the
typescript example and add the path to docker-compose file and restarted the container, but it doesnt show up in the console, under configuration-> runtime.js_entrypoint

Can you share what your config looks like and exactly how you’ve passed it to the entrypoint in docker-compose?

from the nakama console i exported the config from there and pasted it data folder, and added the config file path to the docker-compose file, but it doesnt show up
config-file+docker-compose.txt (3.9 KB)

@zyro I have also tried running the command docker exec -it nakama nakama --logger.level DEBUG --runtime.js_entrypoint 'index.js and it shows me this error

Found a solution, needed to modify the Docker-compose file to add the runtime to the exec part of the startup to detect the js runtime file,
--runtime.env "entrypoint=<path to js file>"
add this to the end of entrypoint flag inside the docker-compose file