Is it possible to make an array of values in the Value field of the storage objects?

This might be a very basic question but I need to know if it is possible to make the Value field in the storage objects contain data like so,

{ {Name: "John", Level: "1", Time: "20"}, 
  {Name: "Jane", Level: "1", Time: "21"},
  {Name: "Jack", Level: "2", Time: "34"} }

Edit: I do not mean this like leaderboards, I just gave this as an example. I need the same data of different levels to be in the same object.

No, all storage objects must be top-level JSON object types at the moment.

You can wrap it in a single-field object if you need to:

  MyList: {
    {Name: "John", Level: "1", Time: "20"}, 
    {Name: "Jane", Level: "1", Time: "21"},
    {Name: "Jack", Level: "2", Time: "34"}
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So, this would make the client read “MyList” as an array, right?
If it does, then I can make this work.

Yes, when you read the storage object from the client you would unmarshal it and access its MyList field to get an array value.

Awesome. Thanks for your help.