Is it possible to limit the client send rate in client-relayed multiplayer?

I don’t know how to explain the question correctly, so
Here’s the context:

Players connect to Nakama, looks for a match, gets matchmaked with another player.
Player sends its position every 0.1s. 1.8kb/s on input.
^ In a nutshell, everything I’ve explained here is what I made by following the Unity’s Fish Game tutorial.

Now, here’s the problem:

Player uses a speedhack, the game is now 10 times faster.
Due to that, the player sends its position every 0.01s. 10kb/s on input.

Is there any config I can set on the server to only send and receive packets on a time interval? I’m aware of the tick_rate setting on server authoritative matches, but is there a similar thing for client authoritative?

@uwu There’s no mechanism at the moment to tackle this with relayed multiplayer because its client authoritative as you’ve mentioned. You’d have to switch to use the server authoritative multiplayer engine with a very basic match loop which relays messages and you can then control the rate that players are allowed to send movement updates.

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