How to test before building?

I am doing some modifications to source and want to run your tests before build. How can I do it?

Thank you

Hello @mmvlad which source are you wanting to modify, the server or one of the clients?

@lugehorsam server

I’d recommend writing some tests using one of our clients such as the nakama-js or the nakama-dotnet client. You’ll see instructions there on how to run the tests.

What are you working on that requires a fork of the server?

I saw there are some unit tests on server so I assumed you run them before releasing a build.

I will be possibly adding some player reporting functionality.

Go plugin unit test tests = niwrad/main.yml at master · louis030195/niwrad · GitHub
Integration csharp tests (using Helm test, run tests when the server is deployed) niwrad/ApiTest.cs at master · louis030195/niwrad · GitHub
Integration js tests niwrad/internalTest.js at master · louis030195/niwrad · GitHub

I do know how to run tests in vacuum (e.g. go test ./…). But they fail here as repository contains vendors and other libraries that fail testing. That is why I am trying to find out how they are running tests in eternally so I don’t have to exclude plugins by trial and error and try to hack here and there :slight_smile:

@mmvlad What modifications to the source do you want to make?