How to add body template in api explorer

i use go runtime. how to add body-template to rpc-function.

@b-thanapat You’ll need to share more information for us to be able to help. What is a “body-template”?

Might be useful to step back and explain what you want to achieve.

Hi @b-thanapat, it sounds like you’d like the JSON Body text area within the Api Explorer to pre-populate with a JSON template for your custom RPCs like it does for built-in ones such as createLeaderboard, is this correct?

It’s something we would definitely like to do, but it is also something that would be very complex to implement as we cannot possibly know the payload structure your RPCs expect without performing some kind of reflection or providing developers with a way to markup their RPCs.

In the meantime we would recommend that you use something such as Postman or Insomnia to keep track of the structure of your custom RPCs.