How do matchmaking tickets work in Godot?

I’m using NakamaMultiplayerBridge and in my test project, I’m more or less copy-pasting the code in the documentation:

var ticket = await socket.add_matchmaker_async()
if ticket.is_exception():
  print ("Error joining matchmaking pool: ", ticket.get_exception().message)


I get the following debug code:

=== Nakama : DEBUG === Sending async request: MatchmakerAdd<query=*, max_count=8, min_count=2, numeric_properties={  }, string_properties={  }, count_multiple=<null>>
=== Nakama : DEBUG === Resuming request: 1: { "cid": "1", "matchmaker_ticket": { "ticket": "f0b33b85-7027-4fbe-84db-908367422ba6" } }

But then nothing. I did notice the documentation says “searches for public matches” while create_match documentation says “private match”. Is that the problem here?

I’m using a docker container and signing in using the device id. Using two Godot debug windows.