Google login has to be restarted

Hi, I had a problem with google login, It was not working after a particular amount of time the the solution was to restart it… but i did asked this before and you guys told me to update the code with you latest release…. bit it still not working ….i still have to restart the server

  • What version of the server are you running?
  • Can you describe in more details what “it still not working” means?

I am on version 2.4.1… because in any further versions functions related to tournaments weren’t working. But it is mentioned that issues related to GPGS were fixed before this.
After the nakama server is live for a while like a week or so… It doesn’t reply anything to google play login…I mean client is getting is getting all the id’s and token’s as it is supposed to…but the login doesn’t works and it doesn’t show any log. I have to restart the server to make it to work again

Can you please share the full version log line the server prints at startup? It will contain an extended version string.

In any case we’re not aware of any current issues with Google login, and it’s being actively used in various studios and projects. I’m not sure which specific tournaments issues were affecting you but the 2.4.1 is 6 months old and the changelog since then is extensive.

I recommend you update the server and test with the newest release.