Google login has to be restarted

Hi, I had a problem with google login, It was not working after a particular amount of time the the solution was to restart it… but i did asked this before and you guys told me to update the code with you latest release…. bit it still not working ….i still have to restart the server

  • What version of the server are you running?
  • Can you describe in more details what “it still not working” means?

I am on version 2.4.1… because in any further versions functions related to tournaments weren’t working. But it is mentioned that issues related to GPGS were fixed before this.
After the nakama server is live for a while like a week or so… It doesn’t reply anything to google play login…I mean client is getting is getting all the id’s and token’s as it is supposed to…but the login doesn’t works and it doesn’t show any log. I have to restart the server to make it to work again

Can you please share the full version log line the server prints at startup? It will contain an extended version string.

In any case we’re not aware of any current issues with Google login, and it’s being actively used in various studios and projects. I’m not sure which specific tournaments issues were affecting you but the 2.4.1 is 6 months old and the changelog since then is extensive.

I recommend you update the server and test with the newest release.

Hi zyro,
I have updated your nakama server to the latest build. We have around 100,000 users on our production server. The problem is when the server is been running for 3-4 days the google login stops working, after that I have to restart the server and the google login works again. If our implementation would’ve been incorrect It wouldn’t work for the first time. I have a hunch that it’s causing some kind of issue in the cache. Could you please take a look at it??. If there isn’t a problem on your side, Could you please consider all the possibilities that can determine what can cause the problem? (NOTE :- The 3-4 days is not accurate. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes in a shorter amount of time)

@rushi721 Can you confirm the server version number please? Please copy-paste the exact server output.

I apologize for the delay, but there is no log appearing on the server (p.s - I have kept it on only error logs). As far as the version goes, our server is on the latest version of nakama. But still yesterday the google login stopped working again. we are able to get the google id from the client side, but server is unable to get the session from google i.e verify the google account. After I restarted it, it started working again. Does it have something to do with cache??, because it happens in like 4-5 days and the number of players who are playing our game daily are around 4k-5k

@rushi721 Your previous reply to this thread was 2 months ago. In it you mentioned that your server version was “2.4.1” and now you’ve said “As far as the version goes, our server is on the latest version of nakama.” but not actually mentioned what version you use.

The latest server version is 2.8.0. Please paste server logs which show the exact version of the server you use or we cannot help.