Godot HTML5 exports dont work


after playing around with the Godot integration (having used nakama and godot in previous projects) I noticed that html5 exports can’t connect to the server. I get Status Code = 8 and Message HTTPRequest Failed, so a pretty generic error I think.

The documentation explicitly says html5 works (here) so why doesnt it?

The same exact build for Linux works flawlessly as usual only html exports (tested with godots local debug html5 server, with nginx on my website and itch io html hosting) can’t ever connect.

Do I need special settings for html exports? Or what else could cause this?

edit: also opened an issue on github

If anyone else has the same problem, the fix is already implemented on the master branch and will probably be in the next release.

As @Lerrrtaste mentioned. This was discussed on an issue in the Godot repo: https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-godot/issues/30

We’ll create a new release with all the current patches on master. :+1:

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