Go modules runtime failed to generate modules

nakama version :3.15
nakama binary version: 1.26
golang version: 1.19

error detected {“level”:“fatal”,“ts”:“2023-01-30T12:42:48.749+0300”,“caller”:“v3/main.go:155”,“msg”:“Failed initializing runtime modules”,“error”:“plugin: not implemented”}

Hi, can you share the OS info and commands you are using to build and/or run this?

i am using OS windows 10 amd64
first of all creating go modules
then go mod init “plugin_code”
nakama version 3.12
go 1.18.2
go get -u “github.com/heroiclabs/nakama-common@v1.23.0

go build -buildmode=plugin -trimpath -o ./plugin_code.so this command is the problem not support by windows

running nakama using nakama config filename.yml

error running go modules: {“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2023-02-01T15:57:23.192+0300”,“caller”:“server/runtime_go.go:2396”,“msg”:“Initialising Go runtime provider”,“path”:“C:\Users\ZETTA\data\modules”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2023-02-01T15:57:23.196+0300”,“caller”:“server/runtime_go.go:2492”,“msg”:“Could not open Go module”,“path”:“C:\Users\ZETTA\data\modules\go-project\go-project.so”,“error”:“plugin: not implemented”}
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:“2023-02-01T15:57:23.197+0300”,“caller”:“server/runtime.go:586”,“msg”:“Error initialising Go runtime provider”,“error”:“plugin: not implemented”}
{“level”:“fatal”,“ts”:“2023-02-01T15:57:23.201+0300”,“caller”:“v3/main.go:155”,“msg”:“Failed initializing runtime modules”,“error”:“plugin: not implemented”}

you could try building it with docker if go plugin on windows is a problem: GitHub - heroiclabs/nakama-project-template: An example project on how to set up and write custom server code in Nakama server.