Get back list of online users before match

hi smart people, it’s me again

I want to get the list of all online players before joining a match, is this possible with nakama??
I read some part of the documentation, there was list of friends, followers, presence in a match and list of matches but I couldn’t find anything on that
I just one to know how many users are online on that app and logged in.

thanks in advance.

Hi @sana2024 Are you trying to do this to have a counter of how many users are online?

yes something similar!! or have a list of players online like a table with their name and the the online status next to it??

Can I ask, what player feeling you are trying to achieve? If it is a sense of an active game, social interaction or deep connections, I’d recommend using features such as Groups, Friends, Tournaments and Notifications. Looking forward to hear more about what experience you are trying to build for your players!

I’m building a backgammon game (board game) its 1v1 match for two players when a players clicks on a board whey wait until they find a match and for that purpose I want to have some sort of a counter for users to view to know if there is anyone online to play with, I don’t want the players to click on the match and keep waiting for anyone to join them, I want them to be able to see how many people is online before a match so they know when to play or when they’re wasting time and should not wait that long