Friend match maker

is it possible to create a match for few friends and random people
and make sure the friends are together in the match ?

Hi @GCat! This is an interesting use case and there are two patterns you can use to achieve this.

The first is using the matchmaker. Designate a ‘party leader’ in your group of friends, this user will go to the matchmaker looking for a single person. When this opponent is found, go to the matchmaker again and repeat until the match is full. Essentially you’re looking to fill the match up one player at a time, starting with the players you’ve already ‘found’ (the friends group).

Alternatively you can use match listing operations. The ‘party leader’ finds a match with enough room for the whole group by listing for matches where the current user count is (max size - current group size) or less. When this match is found send the match ID to all friends in the group and they each join this match.

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When this match is found send the match ID to all friends in the group, Im stuck on this part, i cant see the way of send that Match ID since im terrible bad on the server backend Go side thats what i need to use Go lang, but how i can send that match ID to lets say a Username ? can you help me ? thanks

There are a few ways to do it but it’s easiest to use chat or in-app notifications. You can even have the receiving client interpret and use the message without user interaction, it’s all up to your client code.

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I see nakama has been changed alot since the time this question was asked
is there an updated way to achieve the above question?

it needs to be few friends and random people with more friend groups looking for match
thats how pubg/fortnite does its matchmaking

also any match script will be more then welcomed

The new Nakama 3 realtime parties feature is exactly what you need for matchmaking with friends as a group! More documentation and SDK support for this feature is in progress, so keep an eye on the SDK repositories. :sunglasses:

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