Friend match maker

is it possible to create a match for few friends and random people
and make sure the friends are together in the match ?

Hi @GCat! This is an interesting use case and there are two patterns you can use to achieve this.

The first is using the matchmaker. Designate a ‘party leader’ in your group of friends, this user will go to the matchmaker looking for a single person. When this opponent is found, go to the matchmaker again and repeat until the match is full. Essentially you’re looking to fill the match up one player at a time, starting with the players you’ve already ‘found’ (the friends group).

Alternatively you can use match listing operations. The ‘party leader’ finds a match with enough room for the whole group by listing for matches where the current user count is (max size - current group size) or less. When this match is found send the match ID to all friends in the group and they each join this match.

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