Facebook login success, but not receiving facebook id


Facebook login was working fine until recently. but one day, it returned error.

so I upgrade facebook SDK version from 11.0 → 16.0
now I can log in with facebook, but it created new account instead of logging in to existing account.

and when I checked on nakama console, the newly created account have no facebook id in authentication info. (please check image below)

is there any change on facebook side that cause this? here is the version info on my setup.

Nakama Client version : 3.4.1 (Unity SDK)
Nakama Server version: 3.13.1+2000e4b8
Facebook SDK version: 16.0

Thank in advance for any answer & Best regards,

@bodin do you see any errors in the server logs? If yes can you please share them?

Hi sesposito,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I logged in with facebook auth again, and checked on server logs, but there’s no error happen there.

I tested again on API Explorer. eveything seem to be fine. I got token & refreshToken back as expected. except there’s nothing appear on the account authentication info.