Does nakama opensource deploy multiple instances automatically?

lets say a user connects to an end point does it establishes an instance… basically does it create instances of my unity headless executable?
is this how nakama handles loadbalancing? is it available for free aswell do i need enterprise for it?

i plan to use docker or aws EKS…
and unity or godot

Session-based multiplayer it seams this is it though i don’t see examples yet…

update again
is typescript the preferred way of dealing with open source nakama instead of having headless instance?

Hi @Cariaga ,

Nakama’s multiplayer doesn’t support Unity headless instances. For such cases, we recommend relayed (tutorial) or authoritative matches.

Regarding the language, we offer support for 3 runtimes (Go, Lua, and TypeScript) which you can choose according to what is move comfortable for you.


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i see so its prefer to just deal with it via Go, Lua, and TypeScript for logic.
and it dose not run execute application instance.