Nakamo for an authoriative multiplayer game


Having previously developed a game that runs on a fully authoriative headless unity instance with networking, I’ve noticed that it is single threaded and not efficient to work with at all, and have some pretty bad limitations.

Looking at Nakamo it looks like it may be a much more efficient and better option to the new project I’m working on, and I very much like that I could simply purchase it as a service from you to not have to care about the server architecture, database backups etc.

There are a few things that I’m not entirely sure how it would work though, that I would appreciate understanding before committing to Nakamo.

The world contains buildings (that players can walk into as well through doors) and various objects etc that the players should not be able to walk on (trees, stones, etc). In a headless unity instance I would probably create a navmesh to provide the server with information on where a player can and cannot move, and use A* to give a lot of non-player characters/mobs areas to roam on or patrol. From an optimization point of view I would implement features such as mobs being paused if no players are around, only send updates about players who are near each otheer etc, to save cpu cycles and bandwidth.

I’m a bit unsure how to export this map information from Unity though and put it into Nakamo, and I’m also a bit curious as to how one would place enemies/npcs that are network objects using Nakamo rather than a headless Unity instance. In Unity I would simply have a _server scene where I would place these network objects and the headless server would then instantiate that scene when starting.
I guess I’m a bit curious if would I need to manually input positions in code for each enemy on the server side, or how would you recommend doing that?

There does not have to be advanced physics because players can only click to move to locations, but let’s say a player clicks on the opposite side of the building where they are at then they would want to move across to the other side using A* (on client side and server side) and not through the walls of the building. Everything is top-down.

As for attacking it is action based, but generally during combat I would say it’s one attack every .25 seconds.

Thank you for any information!