Does Nakama have a remote configuration API to dyanimcally create time based events?

How strong is Nakama’s remote config support? How to use. How does it compare to Firebase?

@gameedeveop We don’t have a built-in API for remote configuration like what’s in Firebase but we have a full server runtime that can be used to create a remote configuration API that can be used to craft a remote configuration system that is specific to the particular game design requirements of a project. What sort of use case do you have for remote configuration?

1-Bundles and sales(Think like short-term offers)

2-Limited time events

3- Remote Game Configuration Changes
e.g. x weapon damage

4-A/B testing
like this

@gameedeveop We don’t have official APIs for this kind of dynamic time-based game tuning but I think it’s all achievable with a small amount of cloud code. I’ll discuss with the team internally and decide how we can incorporate it in the future.