Disabling components

Hi all! Brand new Nakama user here - I’m investigating moving my game, Feud, over from PlayFab in light of their new pricing changes.

I’d be looking to use Nakama to replace the bits I use PlayFab for, mainly auth, account management and inventories. I have my own implementations for matchmaking and the actual game servers so I wouldn’t need those. Nakama seems to do a lot of things I don’t need (yet) - is it possible to disable features on a case-by-case basis so as to improve performance? Would I need to do this myself by forking the codebase? Or would it make a negligible difference if these services aren’t being used actively?

Looking forward to getting started. Thanks!

Hi @JoelOtter welcome :wave:

You don’t have to disable features you don’t use in Nakama. If you don’t use them they won’t cost you any performance. The server has been optimized over years to perform very well at high scale. It’s used with a bunch of the top 100 games on mobile.

There’s only one option you might want to consider if you plan to host the server yourself and that is to whitelist routes for features you use in your load balancer configuration but even that’s a configuration I’d suggest you only make once the game is ready to go into production.

Hope this helps.