Deploy Nakama on GCP

This is my requirments:Linux distribution: Ubuntu 20.04 x64
I want to know can i deploy server side on GCP.
we are google for startup and have tons of free credit.

I recieved this message from GCP supports

I’ve been researching some machine types on Google Cloud that might be a good fit for your needs. They offer a general-purpose option that’s great for all sorts of workloads [1].

If you’re looking for consistently high performance, especially for game servers, then the C3 and C3D machine types are worth considering [2]. You can find more details about them here [3].

Another helpful tool is the Google Cloud calculator. You can use it to estimate your monthly charges based on your specific needs for the instance you want to create [4].

Sorry we can’t advise on custom deployments, it all depends on workload and how you configure the infrastructure and there are many ways to cut the cake. I’d suggest best use Heroic Cloud that can help fund the open-source development.