Collecting Error logs for quick debugging

Hello guys,

What would you recommend as a good way to capture runtime errors and be a bit more proactive in analyzing them? Currently scouring through the standard logs is painful with so many lines and the way they are formatted (not your fault, this one!).

Is there a way to push a crash/error to a “crashlytics” service? Alternatively, I was considering posting errors to an internal API which can collect them and even notify developers. Would this be a good practice?

Could the Storage Engine be used for this? Or perhaps actually throwing the error in the runtime code and catching it in the client (sounds dodgy to me)?

Just looking for the best practices with the main consideration being not slowing down the code execution too much in the process.

For context, I am using Typescript for the runtime and Unity/C# for the frontend.

Many thanks in advance for your input.

Kind regards

Hello @Antviss,

I think the first and simplest approach would be to change the log level to WARN or ERROR in order to reduce the noise. Additionally, you can use tools like jq to filter through the lines conveniently.