Cockroachlabs cloud RU constantly consumed without any client connection

we find cockroachlabs cloud RU constantly is consumed without any client connection. May I ask does nakama server constantly access database and do some read or write operation even there is no any client connect to the server, correct?

may i ask what these database operation used for? whether they are controllable by config?

The server establishes a pool of connections to the database but it does not perform periodic read/write other than a few operations at startup, depending on the setup.

But we can see the usage of database on the cockroach cloud as follows. this instance is rare to use so far, but there have been regular SQL operations in last 7 days (actually 1 month)

I don’t know what counts as RUs, can you see a log of what queries/operations are actually being performed?

Confirmed with the Cockroachlabs team, that the multiple region cluster will generate these database operations.