Can I mix backend languages?

Can I mix backend languages?

Say, if I write my authoritative game server in Go but my matchmaker code is in typescript, can typescript call nk.matchCreate('pingpong', payload); where "pingpong" is actually a game registered in go err := initializer.RegisterMatch("pingpong", PingPongMatchCreator) ?

What’s the limit on cross language calls? Is this a bad practice?

(The idea behind this is to have “heavy” code run in go since it should be faster and keep typescript for easier, less critical stuff)

@elementalcode yes you can and there shouldn’t be an issue with the approach you’re taking, there isn’t a limit, however the JS runtime will usually expend more resources.

Beware of the runtime.js_max_count which sets the max number of JS VM instances, this will improve concurrent performance but use more memory.