Best way to debug client

It’s not a huge problem, just extremely boring and repetitive.
in the unity client (but in any SDK client I suppose) setting a breakpoint in visual studio, the client fizzes.
when I resume execution the client or server socket (I didn’t understand which one) is disconnected, due to connection timeout or something like that.

and at this point I have to restart the execution of the client, again and again.
if, on the other hand, I restart the execution within 3 or 5 seconds, the communication timeout does not start, but 5 seconds are few to debug.

i am using unity consol logs Debug.log (“blah-blah”);
but honestly, I don’t like it,
and I feel like I’m back in the 80s.

does anyone know how to increase this time, only in development clear, so that when I press F5 in visual studio the execution resumes normally,
like 2 or 3 minutes would be enough in most cases.

Hi @Ermes,

The default socket idle timeout is 60 seconds, but should you wish to increase this you can do so by modifying the configuration of the socket’s idle_timeout_ms value on the server. We would advise that you do not use a large value for this property in a production environment, but only while debugging locally.

I’ve tested this locally using Unity 2020.3.33f1 and the Nakama Unity SDK v3.4.0 and can confirm that when debugging using breakpoints the socket connection persists during the expected timeout period.

If you’re experiencing socket disconnects during debugging sessions, it may be worth checking other areas of your code that could be closing the socket connection prematurely, such as error handlers etc.

If the issue persists it would be useful if you could share some snippets of code where you’re seeing the issue.

Kind regards,

good to know, in this case i will review my code.
thank you