Authoritative match_join_attempt empty metadata

Hi all,
I’m trying to send some custom metadata from Godot when using the join_match_async method. From the log I can see that is sent:

=== Nakama : DEBUG === Sending async request: MatchJoin<match_id=... token=Null, metadata={test:field}>

But when I log the metadata parameter from the Lua file, I always get an empty table.
Am I doing something wrong?

@ceceppa Sounds like you might be running into this issue which has already been resolved. Can you double-check you’re running the most recent version of the Nakama Godot client and try again?

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I already have the latest version of the add-on and nakama image in my docker file.
As you can see from my log the data is sent to Nakama, but form my lua file when I print “data” is an empty table.