Simple impostor-bot for connection testing

In testing Fish Game, we’ve frequently run into the issue of not having any players around if someone just wants to do an impromptu test.

Oftentimes all that’s needed is another player from another location & network, in order to confirm that multiple real connections are in fact supported. That player doesn’t even have to do anything in-game, they just need to connect.

Could a simple “impostor-bot” feature be built into Nakama to solve for this kind of game testing? What we need is for Nakama to connect one or multiple bots to the game, that are functionally the same as a real player connection. The behavior of the bot itself would be up to each individual game. In Fish Game’s case, the minimum we’d require would just be to have the but be constantly running from left to right.

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@erlend_sh This is a good suggestion but a “bot framework” would need to be general purpose enough to handle all the variety of netcode that can be developed by game teams to fit their specific multiplayer requirements. Do you have ideas for what an API for this could look like?