Password reccovery whit email authentication

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a feature in Nakama that allows the user to retrieve (or change) their password in case they forget it, I’m referring to the case in which authentication with email and password occurs.
Thanks in advance.

Retrieving the password is not possible since it’s hashed. I also don’t see any builtin function to reset the password.

So what you could do is setting up an external service to allow that, and communicate with Nakama via the REST API that it allows you to create.

As the next step, I haven’t checked the source code yet, but it seems to me that calling “authenticate email” from runtime, rather than from a client, would replace the password, since it says “Password to set - must be longer than 8 characters.” Check out the function reference.

UPD: just checked out the sources, I think I’m wrong, the password is never replaced. Maybe writing directly to the db? Hmm…


The question is still not answered. @novabyte, we’re gonna need your help here.