Leaderboard cannot sync to other node behind the aws load balance

  1. we are using the AWS load balance to server multiple nodes of nakama
  2. multiple nodes connect to the same database (RDS)
  3. we are using the leardboard feature currently, but we find an issue: after the leaderboard created on one node, if the client connects to other node, the client cannot get the leaderboard information.

seem like if we launch a new node, then the leaderboard can be loaded correctly.

May I ask is there any way we can load the leaderboard information from the Database during the nakama running without restart?

@novabyte could you give me a hand, thanks very much!

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Leaderboard sync across multiple nodes requires a cluster setup available on Nakama Enterprise. I’d recommend that you migrate to Heroic Cloud for your production game. If you’d like to discuss sales please contact sales@heroiclabs.com

but i think the leaderboard data is saved to database. Is there any way we can get leaderboard information from database directly?