Is there a function in Nakama to request the date of the last connection of the user?

Hello guys!
I am trying to set up a daily rewards system and I need to know the date of the server, or the date of the last connection of the user who accesses it in order to make a countdown. The dates that can be modified like the ones on the device are not useful to me, that’s why I need this data. And I couldn’t find how to get this data, I’m working on Godot 4 Beta 9. Is there a function in Nakama with which I can do this?
Thanks in advance mates.

Hello @sergisnt, our GitHub - heroiclabs/nakama-project-template: An example project on how to set up and write custom server code in Nakama server. has a good example on how to implement daily rewards in both TS and Go, please have a look.

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Hello good! Thank you very much for the info. The truth is that today I have been evaluating the idea of implementing this logic in my application. I still don’t know what the potential of these modules is. The problem is that I don’t quite understand how to link a GO module with my project. And how to make it always running when you upload it to a production server, or if this is optimal for the server.