Help setting up XoXo - cannot find index.html file

I am new to Nakama and was currently trying to setup the Xoxo tutorial game. I followed the tutorial up to

Configuring your JavaScript framework

  1. Add the PhaserJS script tag to your index.html file

The problem is that I cannot find the index.html file in my hierarchy. In fact, there is no .html file in the whole project, neither from cloning the nakama-template repo nor the Svelte create @latest. I am lost as I really want to use Nakama.
Thank you and let me know if you need any snippet or screenshots.

Hi @StudioParaNoya,

You’ll want to clone the GitHub - heroiclabs/xoxo-phaserjs repo. We will update the docs to include this step.

Hi @tom.

That makes sense! Thanks for the quick reply.