Email Verification Status

Hello There,
Hope all is well.
We have implemented login via email and password. We wanted to get email verified for user. We noticed their is option on Nakama Console under User Accounts / Authentication -
Verification Status: Not Verified

Can you please let us know how to access/update this for email verification?
We are planning to send verification email using SMTP/ Third Party email service REST API. Also where to save token to send in the email link.


Bumping this thread again for Verification Status: Not Verified feature

@YoursTruly We don’t have an official API to mark an email address as verified I think its an oversight in the Server Framework at the moment. There is a workaround you could use though to solve it:

UPDATE users SET verify_time = now() WHERE id = $1

And pass in the user ID as the $1 placeholder parameter. Have a look at these docs on how to use the lowlevel SQL features in the server directly: Function Reference - Nakama server

NOTE: We recommend that you minimize your use of raw SQL as much as you can with your game code because the Server Framework functions are highly optimized in their database usage whereas your own custom SQL must be written with care and performance optimized.