Docs for Satori on the server side

When trying to integrate Satori the docs list these properties as being required:

I assume that the runtime uses these automatically and nk.GetSatori() returns something that’s already connected and ready to use? What happens if some parameter is wrong? Specifically, what is the url supposed to be? In the docs it’s a link that doesn’t lead anywhere. A guess could be the URL to the Satori console on, but it would be nice to have this stuff documented so that less time is wasted trying to guess stuff.

Hello @chakie,

The URL is the endpoint to contact the Satori API. It would be something like: https://<instance> You’d find the Host and Port under the Access tab on Heroic Cloud.

Nakama does some validations at startup if the configs are set, but will otherwise only return errors at runtime. If for example the URL is syntactically valid but incorrect, invoking nk.GetSatori().Authenticate() (params omitted) would return an error at runtime.

Oh, so the http(s) part and port need to be specified too, I had the correct address but not all that extra cruft. I saw no error on startup, but that’s probably because I don’t do anything except nk.getSatori(). The docs are outdated wrt the authentication.

We’re working on clarifying the documentation based on your feedback :+1:, thank you

While waiting for that to happen, it would be nice to know how it’s supposed to be used. I think I’m holding it wrong now as the return values don’t match the code.

Sorry @chakie, are you referring to your question on: Authenticate a user with Satori Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean with “the return values don’t match the code”, could you kindly clarify?

Yeah, the docs don’t match the code.