Confusion around compiling go modules for different platforms

It’s still not working locally on my mac, but it worked on our Linux server on AWS. For Mac, I will (later) try to remove all the files and make a fresh attempt to see if it does. It must be some random link to a different version that I am not able to find and break.

Here is a detailed step-by-step of how I migrated from 2.6.0 to a 2.7.0+ version on my Linux server, in case it helps anyone else trying to do the same. @novabyte @zyro please correct me / add. Relevant only for another layman who builds from the source, like I do.

  1. Make a goprojects directory outside $GOPATH
$ mkdir $HOME/goprojects
  1. Clone nakama repo in this new folder and build it there
$ cd $HOME/goprojects
$ git clone
$ cd nakama
$ git checkout v2.9.1
$ env CGO_ENABLED=1 go build -trimpath -mod=vendor

3 Copy / move / clone / (create new) project directory inside this folder

$ cp $GOPATH/src/pool $HOME/goprojects/
  1. Initialise a go module in this folder
$ cd $HOME/goprojects/pool
$ go mod init ""
  1. Update the dependencies in the project to import nakama-common instead of nakama, e.g.
// In the go code, remove the following from your import list
// replace it with
  1. Link any local packages that you may have with their physical local locations, e.g. this is how I linked my local dependency
//In my plugin's go.mod
require (
	// all other dependencies here v0.0.0
// The following line will link package to it's local physical location 
replace => ../../reingames
  1. Make sure that everything is set up nice and clean. And build
$ go mod tidy
$ go mod vendor
  1. Build and run the code
$ go build -buildmode=plugin -trimpath -mod=vendor -o ./modules/
$ $HOME/nakama/nakama --config ./config/conf.yml

If you still get plugin was made with a different version of package x/y/z here are a few tips that I got and tried from @novabyte and @zyro

  1. Check the version of dependency in the modules.txt file in the vendor folder (e.g. $HOME/gopath/pool/vendor/modules.txt)
  2. If the version you find here is different from the one that is in nakama’s folder, you could do the following:
  • If the package x/y/z is imported directly in your source code, the package will be included in your plugin’s go.mod file. Set the version there to match the version that in nakama’s
  • If the package x/y/z is not imported directly and not showing up in your plugin’s go.mod, force import it and set the version, i.e.
// In the import part of your main.go
    _ "x.y.z" // import this. Not the leading _ (underscore)

// In go.mod file
    x.y.z v1.2.3 // match this version with the one in nakama's go.mod

I don’t know if it’s just basic stuff that is obvious to all, but still posting in the hope that this helps someone else as well.