CockroachDB issue upgrading local Nakama

I’m trying to use the docker-compose.yml for version v23.1 of CockroachDB & v3.19.0 of Nakama but it’s failing and I can’t figure out why.

I receive an error from docker “ls: cannot access ‘cockroach-data’: No such file or directory”, which then leads to the startup failing as the cockroachDB container is reported as “unhealthy”.

I’ve tried

Completely remove the docker instance from docker desktop (Nakama, Prometheus, & CockroachDB)
Run the local build setup (nakama plugin builder 3.19.0)
Navigate to the docker dir and run docker compose up

Prometheus & Cockroach containers initiate ok. Nakama instance never starts. The logs for cockroach show:

ERROR: ERROR: server startup failed: failed to start server: failed to create engines: store has no min-version file; this can happen if the store was creat
ed by an old CockroachDB version that is no longer supported: dirname="/var/lib/cockroach": pebble: database already exists and is not pristine

When I docker exec into the cockroach container and run a command such as cockroach node ls, I get the error:

ERROR: cannot dial server.
Is the server running?
If the server is running, check --host client-side and --advertise server-side.

I’m not sure how to get around the “not pristine” issue and upgrade my local nakama.

Thanks in advance.


Looks like you should remove docker volume associated with cockroachdb. How does docker volume ls look like?

There’s a lot of volumes!

local     0aac7b09797044ccbd29c075a85cde88bd1fc7d9c003c92ff0eb8c0455bcda9f
local     1a0b3bc8ad600699f276ca3d25f058f13cb61559734c5f63d52c0d9220cb3779
local     5ac4032a7a19aa1321d33e600c84c361e3a37c02c559cf1310b47fc5ad304f65
local     6f129469f8bcf12c2a15fc19accf2b0620b0a6d3c3ff263a5c5b062c715a3f66
local     7b5e5b18dc9a9491dc5c009120956d6a5b7e5297c882f193133225fd48ffd44c
local     8b717d57275a272bdf40b8c9dcb5a5c85bebcfe973d7a893cd891d72274972f5
local     37fd4bc9cf701ca1827aaf8b48d1bac3628382e0b3084a39ab5a36e2d42ed0b2
local     38bf0a987317ce9f554c483b5137e3487c89701ffbdbd47783e26cf15acad9e4
local     57efd301e07fde9aa96919eade9a77c3f3ac0d83ac35bb0d668f4728f7525a57
local     87b36ca18eaaa51ce3917eab3893c1c38986605fc929351be01f852d7ab77eb9
local     970a77db916ca945f99d4ce2e16d812a5b4ab2778635049fe3fbbe7475fb34b0
local     3221b364536425240f3d7b3722277d49a11f5751f5e743a1a974a03c4ea7d5c4
local     6961ce95cb427fec77924d3045fdc6eb807ba342e6aba6c78be81a78a1987654
local     376565fe14b3d65ba07937497baee0df2a8596659a0af732e246403be90d0246
local     7412229b0d5a4a8b5c1027f061f5a6b9cd7c32d532b99b12e6b3f11e2f559731
local     a1adffbb8173040b85c4d27a2824959f2941d410f0c3d8c622ae63b50a676b1f
local     a1e6e6371031d377caafb3a4444cf200bd78d365a6a6cb8efdb230c544dc2d76
local     a1edb8ee97d244f8cc9a1b8c5dc702e03b3001cfd968e975c838b638accfc42a
local     a4e5d37b7d7843fdceb87614680b3ca7a475436840e0a494e9e9536b14c0b271
local     ccc8d972da94ba428abb43e1af986376d53f1e8168d07d071dc7fb9938119472
local     cockroach-data
local     d2d73279f96137afabda9d55a170c44cccadc16649d24279776c2a4bf6f995ca
local     daccaf7201fb50bf81c660fb12a295d063d73bf0c4fe6c7bf118642318a9c812
local     daf915145ba0fec4c95fbe1bcf8a9faa6e78d733516c9ff9879780b22c8f5bc0
local     data_volume
local     docker_data
local     edd8c438a553b41da0ad1e09047884d92680d624afae07337c69198844dbe2fb
local     f4d6aa7604f993875c7817d5377f33ef292ad471ff72e69ff0e1c4ae80221127
local     nakama_data
local     rf2-files

Try removing all containers and volumes with docker compose rm --volumes and verify that this volume is gone, then docker compose up should bring everything clean.