User Location is empty

Hi there! I am planning to introduce a different user experience depending on a user country. I expected to get that from the user account with GetAccountAsync(session) call, but the location appears to be empty. The documentation says “a user can update their own profile”.

  1. Is it true that the user is the only one expected to fill and manage that data by themselves and there is no mechanism to help with that in Nakama Server or I miss something?
  2. What is the recommended way to get a user country from a server side?

Versions: Nakama Windows
Server Framework Runtime language Lua

Hi @igorshostak Nakama doesn’t have a geo IP service included.

The location field will be populated when authenticating with some social providers (like Facebook).

With full access to the server you can add your own geo IP functionatily, see Nakama: Introduction | Heroic Labs Documentation for more info on write server runtime code.