Support for tvOS in the cpp sdk


I have a cpp game that needs to run on tvOS and I’m trying to determine if I can use the native SDK. tvOS (arm64) requires bitcode to be enabled. I see that the local fork of cpprestsdk uses make rather than Xcode and so -DENABLE_BITCODE has no effect.

I’d like to know:

  • Why bitcode is disabled by default (reduced lib size?)
  • If there is a flag I can use to enable bitcode (-flto ?)
  • Why boringssl is used instead of openssl (cert pinning?)
  • Any other reasons why tvOS wouldn’t work



Will try to build for tvOS and will let you know when have result.

@pdi good news for you :four_leaf_clover:

I was able to build for tvOS, here is branch with changes to support tvOS:

Real device (arm64) and simulator (x86_64) are supported.
I’ve tested static lib on simulator since I don’t have real device.

Please try to build and test on real device.
Let me know if it goes well and I will merge to master.

To build:

cd build/tvos
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