Suggestion about Runtime code and setup [Docs related]

So I’ve been trying to implement runtime code for my server. The problem I’m facing is that I’m completely new, so what I mean is on the prerequisites of typescript setup. I don’t even know what Basic UNIX tools or knowledge on the Windows equivalents. means(I’m using windows), I’ve searched for some basic tutorials of what I think UNIX tools are on windows. But I don’t think this is what the docs mean.

Now, going further down the page I recognise

mkdir -p ts-project/{src,build}
cd ts-project

I’ve saw this when I went I made the setup of nakama in docker. Thing is, I don’t even know what each command is meant to do, I just copy-pasted each line of the tutorial and it magically worked. And now that I’m facing the same thing I’m stucked

So my suggestion/request, is not to explain everything on detail. But to provide some sources were beguinners can learn(since advance users won’t really need it) about those topics. I know this comes with some difficulty level, but I think any nakama user is already prepared to learn what it takes to use all the features of this service. I would love to give any other of my questions to make the docs as useful and complete as it can get!

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Hi @MaximoTG98 welcome :wave:

Thanks for the feedback about our docs so far. I think you’ve identified the core challenge with documentation which is that its difficult to cater to many different levels of knowledge. Essentially we have to decide some kind of baseline knowledge which developers can build from.

You’re right though we’re a bit skewed towards UNIX tools rather than Windows which we could do more to improve. :thinking: I’ll tag some of the team for their thoughts as well. /cc @sean @gabriel

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