Real-time Parties

I see in the latest blog release (Heroic Labs) for Nakama 3.0 support for Parties has been added, but I can’t see any documentation for this besides the mentioned prototype code. Are there any examples or references for the 3.0 implementation?

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Hey @keiran, we’re adding support to the various clients right now. It is supported on the server but adding native support to each client is an extra step.


Thanks for explaining @lugehorsam! Seeing .NET’s realtime parties support is close by I’ll move onto other work. I’m assuming release /documentation for the Realtime Parties will role out once all clients have parity?

@kerianlovett Yep that’s the plan.

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Any status updates? I see the code has been done for a while on the .NET portion, I suppose that will go into the Unity plugin?

Waiting patiently :smile:

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@Meneleus A new .NET client release was completed yesterday which includes the Realtime Parties feature available in the server. We’ll do a Unity client SDK release tomorrow. /cc @lugehorsam
Thanks for your patience with these updates everyone. :bowing_man:

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Looking forward to it!

Does this include the changes to execute callbacks in the main thread?

@Meneleus we just released the Unity client on Github. It will be out in the the Asset Store when it’s approved my Unity. They told us ~2 days. Release v2.9.0 · heroiclabs/nakama-unity · GitHub

It does include the ability to execute callbacks in the main thread now in addition to realtime parties. Check out the release notes for everything!

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Awesome!! :clap: I’ll check it out today!