Port mapping, or forwarding for access server globally

i have installed nakama and running on separate pc. The authentication process working smoothly on local area connection but i want this to be on the internet.
i forwarded the port in my router for

  1. Api server gateway for HTTP requests
  2. Api server for gRPC requests

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Hi @mrutopian welcome :wave:

I don’t recommend you expose a home workstation machine to the internet to host your game server unless you have a very specific requirement to test the game on device only. You should look to run the server(s) on a cloud hosting provider. If you do insist on exposing the local machine to the internet have a look at a tool like ngrok.

Hi @novabyte
as i mentioned i am using separate pc for nakama.
i don’t have any security issue, is there any way to make it online from a windows pc.? like using port forwarding allowing port from firewall.
help me to make this live on internet since i am using dedicated internet connection and dedicated pc so i don’t think so there will be a security risk.
i am publishing multipayer tps game i must have to make this live so user can play game.
and i don’t want to use any other third party sdk or tool like ngrok as i mentioned i am using dedicated pc and internet connection.
please consider help to resolve the issue may be i am missing something to do like ssl or private key etc…

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