MatchList / Match Create / MatchMaker Pool

We are going to finish our poker game soon, but before going need to fill some gap that we fill as blank in start.
As i told you above we are making poker game of 5 players

Question # 1
Query we are set on matchmaker ticket

minCount = 2 maxCount = 6

when player 1 call AddMatchmakerAsync() with related Query then user add on the matchmaker pool

When player 2 comes he also have same query and flow , both comes out from matchmaker pool , on server side

RegisterMatchmakerMatched hook called

Problem is when player 3 comes he also follow same query and flow but he don’t comes out from matchmaker pool because minCount = 2
and always minCount >1

he waits for 4th player with same query

how to solve this ?

Question # 2

we get list of matches with Query

limit := 10
isAuthoritative := true
label := "skill=100-150"
min_size := 0
max_size := 4
if matches, err := nk.MatchList(ctx, limit, isAuthoritative, label, min_size, max_size, ""); err != nil {
  // Handle error.
} else {
  for _, match := range matches {
    logger.Info("Match id %s", match.GetMatchId())

on match list we dont give the name of match we want to get ?

but when we create a match

    modulename := "pingpong" // Name with which match handler was registered in InitModule, see example above.
    if matchId, err := nk.MatchCreate(ctx, modulename, params); err != nil {
        return "", err
    } else {
        return matchId, nil

iparams on matchcreate is Equivalent with match list params except ctx ?

While get list of matches we don’t have to pass gamename .
and while create a match we dont pass room boundaries.

here i clear in future we have multiple types of poker Game

“NOTE: WE are also implementing Bots”