How to custom sql struct

Hello, I am developing a live game, the anchor starts the game broadcast, the audience comments or likes to join the game, for the player, I only need to record their information according to openId, but do not need to register and log in and other processes, that is to say, the UserId you provide is for the anchor, I don’t think it’s a smart choice to create a client with a custom id that treats the audience as a user,how do I store the information for the player?
Thank you

Hello @hxw956631920,

It isn’t clear to me what you want to achieve yet. Could you provide more details about your use case? Are looking into implementing “anonymous logins”?

Yes, it’s similar to anonymous login.
The business process is like this. The anchor on tiktok broadcasts our game live. The game is on the anchor’s computer. After the audience enters the anchor’s live broadcast room and comments or likes or gifts, tiktok’s server will send us a message to nakama, and we will send this message to game client of the anchor. We need to store the information of the audience, such as the points generated by gift-giving, the points obtained by winning the game, etc

Another problem is that I want to associate the userid through the openid given by tiktok, but tiktok is given token first. I have to send the token to tiktok through the nakama server first, and I will return the openid until the tiktok is verified, which makes me unable to connect to the nakama server correctly through the openid at the beginning.